Thursday, July 1, 2010

Suggestions Needed

Spring semester ended.  Took physiology in the summer.  Summer semester has ended... for me.  Nursing pre-reqs, all done.  Applying for the Nursing program is the next step! Yes, I'm nervous.  And that is my little update ha!

Now I'm trying to enjoy my summer vacation but I am going nuts!!!
I think I may have become a schoolaholic or something, because oddly enough I miss school.  Even after all the hard work and headaches it has given me!
I know. Crazy huh! 
I work full time.  I have seriously read like crazy, have caught up on the bachelorette (my all time favorite show), have rented movies, watched them, and yet...
I still have like the whole afternoon left. 
And this is why I'm back to blogging. 
I don't know how to fill up my time and I'm running out of ideas on what else to read, watch, etc. 
Please if you have any suggestions on what's hot right now tell me!!!!  Comment! 
As for now, my great friend/co-worker is going to let me borrow "Hunger Games". 
Is that good?  I hope so!