Thursday, March 11, 2010

What??? Poop! Oh No You Didn't!

 CAUTION: This post may gross some people out.  Read with care and please do not read it while you're eating.

I remember my first day of Microbiology Lab.  We were going over the syllabus and our instructor was discussing all the things that we'd be doing this semester; all the microbes and organisms we'd get to look at under our light microscopes, how we'd get to make yogurt, because as you know yogurt is made of little microorganisms, blah blah blah... 

And then he began to discuss Lab #9  "And you'll also have the opportunity to examine enterobacteria and someone from each group will be bringing a fecal sample..."

"We are going to be doing what!!!!?" I screamed loudly inside my head.  You can imagine the looks of disgust and blank stares everyone had!

-"We will be providing you with a cup that you'll get to take home...." he continued.

 As soon as he said that I immediately exclaimed " I call NOT IT! (kinda like how I used to yell out when I was little and didn't want to be the tagger but the ta-gee) There's no way in this world that I, Grecia, is going to volunteer to bring in MY poop for everyone to look at and examine, all swirled around in a fixed slide... C'mon, my poop is my poop and nobody gets to look at it.   And yes, I really did call "Not it" out loud.

-"...and we'll discuss this lab in further detail once the day comes."

Well, that day came and it was today.  First of all, I wasn't the one that brought in the poop. Last week I took charge and appointed someone in the group to bring a "bouncy ball" of their poop.  Second of all, the lab wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.  The poop was diluted a little bit in water so it wasn't this big blob type of thing that we'd have underneath our faces.  It was just brown-yellowish liquid in a tube.  The room was a little stinky when I came in this morning from the previous classes and I started gagging, but I just figured that I would have to hold in my breath or not breathe in as deep as much as possible and everything was OK.  Unfortunately, this lab requires time since we have to incubate the tubes for 24hrs., which means that I have to go back tomorrow and Saturday to open lab to finish the experiments.  So I still have yet to see what poop looks like under the microscope.  Depending on what the person ate, I might see tiny pieces of pizza or corn, who knows.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is HILARIOUS! Oh man I cannot believe that it is a true story...just wow. WOW. That is all I have to say...I'll try to avoid that uncomfortable!

  2. Well, you better believe it! LOL! True story. And it sure was uncomfortable but I bet it was more uncomfortable for the person that brought it in rather than for myself. ha. Poor guy.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. That is HORRIBLE and HILARIOUS! I cannot believe it- and I absolutely LOVE you for yelling out "Not it!"! Haha, you ROCK.

    Eww..... I'm picturing the scene in my head, and the smell... ugh. I would be SO embarrassed if that was my poop. SO embarrassed.

  4. Ew. Seriously, ew. And I applaud you for calling not it!

  5. Grace,
    I noticed you commented on BBL's blog for the photo giveaway, even though you didn't win since you commented I will give you a discount :) If you're interested email me