Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Hulu's Fault

So last night, guess what I did?  I stayed up watching Bachelor Pad on  Since I'm always busy with work and school, I never really have the time to watch my favorite TV shows when they come on.  Pretty much, HULU is probably the best thing that has happened to me. :)  Or... maybe the worst, because now I stay up a later than I should watching shows online. Ooopsies!

I blame it on hulu for my being sleepy today at work.  'Cause I don't know about you, but 3 hours of sleep doesn't cut it for me.  Anyway!  Who else's is sappy like me and watches Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor/Bachelorrete?  Well, last night I was so dissappointed to see that Tinley didn't win!!! I think Kiptin and Tinley deserved to win the $250,000.  They make an amazing couple, and are one of the nicest people.

After watching the show, I sat there trying to find the song that Wes played for Gia. And oh! He is so sweet! I'm  not much of a country fan, but I love that song and I've just been playing it over and over.  Here, you can listen to it:

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