Wednesday, October 6, 2010

on procrastination

today i had to call into work because me being the person that i am procrastinated doing her homework.  i had to write a dumb research proposal persuading my audience that i was ready to start on a 9 paged persuasive research paper, and how i was going to go about it. 


and i had to have it done by 5pm.
let me just whine on how much i hate writing.

i hate writing, i hate writing, i hate writing,
writing makes me mad, angry, upset, close to tears.

i'm done.  i just needed to vent.

people usually call into work because they are sick,
(or more like pretending to be sick),
to have a day off and do something fun. 
and what did i do?  i was confined in my room doing homework for hours, when i really could have used that time to go out shopping or something.
oh and i'm still not done. 
now i have to go and peer review 2 research proposals and annotated bibliographies from my other classmates.
i realize this is my own fault. :(

i promise to never procrastinate again.
let's see how long that promise lasts.

so do you have any funny reasons why you call into work?
 humor me please.

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