Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RSL Beats Galaxy

My heart beating fast. Bum at the edge of the seat.  Biting my nails off as tears roll down my face.  I'm totally serious! I know, I'm such a baby but this is how I spent the last 15 minutes of the Real Salt Lake Vs. Los Angeles Galaxy game on Sunday.  I've never been a huge fan of any sports team until now.  Now I am a RSL fan and forever will be.  My first RSL game ever was a super fun experience and after that I had to keep going back to see them play.  I fell completely in love with RSL. 

So back to the game; anyone who watched the game last Sunday would agree with me that it was one of the most intense games ever... Or at least the last minutes of it when they went into overtime and penalty kicks.  I hate it when a game has to go into penalty kicks!!! It's one of the most hair pulling moments of my life!  Thankfully, my hair pulling moments didn't have to last the whole night because RSL ended up winning 5-4 after a 1-1 draw making them MSL Cup Champions for 2009! I felt sooo relieved!  I jumped, clapped, and screamed! I was super excited!  I hope they win next year too! :D

I could tell you more about the game but that would be a huge post, so instead, if you want to read all the details of the game click here.  

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