Friday, January 15, 2010

And School Begins

I had been feeling a little depressed last semester and during the break because I just hear students all the time talking about how hard is it to get into the Nursing Program.  I heard about 4.0 students who did extremely well in the entrance exam and still didn't get accepted!!! This is one of those moments where I will use one of Busy Bee Lauren's terminology.  That's Lamespice!  I cried, and cried and you know what?  I'm sick of worrying.  I'm sick of being sad about the possibility of not making it in.  I decided that I'm just not going to think about it anymore.  I will finish my prerequisites.  I will give it my best in all my classes, and I WILL apply to the Nursing Program, regardless of what other people or students may say.  I was not born to be a quitter.  I was not born to give up.  I don't care if I don't get accepted the first time.  I will apply again.  And if UVU doesn't accept me, I will not give up my dream.  I'll retake classes however many times I have to.  I will apply to other schools.   I will do everything to get to where I want to be.  But I refuse to take the easy way.  I refuse to put my dreams aside and change majors like many students do when they get rejected.  As for now, I went and talked with my Nursing Advisor, she looked at my grades and says that I'm on track and that my grades are good.  Which was great news but at the same time confusing because I am not a 4.0 student, but I'm also not a lower than a 3.0 student either.  But whatev.

On a side note, this semester I am taking 11 credits.   My classes consist of Biology, Microbiology, and Zoology.  Biology and Zoology (a.k.a Anatomy) are both re-takes because I got C's in them last time.  I wanted to retake them to try to get a higher grade so I can be competitive enough for the Nursing Program.  I'm super happy because I just have this semester left and one more class to take in the summer and I will finally be able to apply for the program! Hooray!!!!!  I really, really, really am hoping that I make it in the program because there's no other thing in life that I want to do.  I am going to be a nurse.  Period.  Have I said that enough already? ;)

Biology seems easier now that I have taken other science classes like Chemistry and Anatomy; I'm really glad because things make better sense now. :)  Microbiology doesn't seem as hard as I thought it would be but we'll see if I change my mind in the forthcoming weeks.  I totally enjoy Anatomy!!  It's kind of overwhelming though because there's so many things to learn.  Fortunately, I still remember much of the gross anatomy I had to learn in lab a year ago; however, I'm still a little iffy on the lecture portion of it.  Anatomy lecture is just hard.  There are too many details, a lot of terminology, too much stuff!!!  Nevertheless, I feel confident that I will do better than I did a year ago.  I just know it!

So anybody going to school this semester? If so, what's your major?


  1. I TOTALLY know what you mean about school and stress and worrying about growing up. :( I'm sorry that you have to go through it!

    Hopefully, the present that I left you on my blog will help your mood! :D (You won the giveaway!!)

  2. Ugh school. You go girl! I love your motivation. Retaking class? I could never. Hang in there, you'll get to your dream!

    I start back to school on Wednesday. I'm a Psychology major and minoring in Criminal Justice. Talk about rough. Haha.

  3. Grace, you are so inspirational! It's so refreshing to see how positive and optimistic some people are, even when it comes to school ;)

    Keep those posts coming! :)