Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Did It Again

I came upon this quote at Kylee's blog and loved it because it speaks truth.  I procrastinated (really? people still do that, ha!) working on my English paper over the Thanksgiving break and that's why I'm still awake now. I kept saying "oh I'll just do it tomorrow", kept putting it off, and "later" never got around. And now I'm suffering the consequences - staying up late working on homework, instead of dreaming about my prince charming. Putting off homework is such a simple and not so drastic example, but there are so many other things in life that we might be putting off that may have greater consequences than just a loss of a couple hours of sleep. Like Kaylee said, "we need to live in the now" not the later... something I really need to work on.

Thank goodness it was only a second draft and not the final paper. I'm not completely doomed. I'm going to get some sleep now, even though i'm not exactly done, but C'mon it's English. I'm such a great student right? ;)

What's one thing you've been putting off lately?


  1. Hi Grace! You have such a lovely blog here! I am now following you thanks to Magical Monday and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
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  2. ugh I did that last night. I stayed up till 12 writing a paper... bad idea! ha

  3. Thanks for following me! I love this quote! I have been procrastinating cleaning my apartment...Urgh I guess I should go and do that right now.