Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lovin' Wednesdays and I'm Thankful List

I'm loving...

I totally just came upon this on and totally love it.
Dresses, jewelry, pumps, lipstick... do i need to say more!?

  I love the smell of roses. 
Boyfriend needs to gift me more of these. When we first started dating I swear he would give me a bouquet every month but now that we've been dating for years he totally just forgot about my love for these. I probably need to thunk him in the head to help him remember. haha.

I really like this quote.  
Because do you know how many times I've been told this? But you know what, it only motivates me to try my hardest and in the end I prove those people wrong.

 I kinda have a sweet tooth. 

 Seriously, I cannot wait for "Eclipse" to come out on DVD.
December 4! The countdown is on!

And that is what I'm hearting this beautiful Wednesday!

Now for this - I'm grateful:
1. That I get tomorrow and Friday off from work. Yippee!
2. For passing the English paper that i had initially failed. Thank goodness our teacher let us do it again. English is seriously my worst subject.
3. Because I have everything that I need. And more.
4. For books. I just love reading.
5. That the supposed blizzard storm in Utah didn't happen as bad as expected. At least, in the area I live in. I hate driving in the snow, especially when it's so hard to see. I'm so glad that nothing major happened.

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  1. I love the first one .. oh and the pie.. and the eclipse picture.. okay everything! hah

  2. I just started following you bc your blog made me smile. I LOVE your thankful lists. And I'm totally checking out That pink bag is so adorable! Thank you for putting a smile on my face.
    Tamera xo