Thursday, December 16, 2010

In love

Meet my husbands... 
And please try to keep from salivating.

Gerard Butler. 
It was just love at first sight. 
He just does something to me.

Ryan Reynolds
I fell in love with him the moment I saw the movie "The Proposal".

Tim McGraw.
only when he wears his hat though..

Mr. Darcy.
Oh how I love thee.

And last
William Levy
from my spanish soaps...

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I want to know who your celebrity crush is. 


  1. adam brody. absolute favorite.
    joseph gordon-levitt.
    shia labeouf.

  2. i completely agree with all of these, plus adam brody, shia labeouf, and my all time favorite, brody jenner :)

  3. HA! This is like the challenge Donna at "Write now, write later" game me. She told me to build my perfect man using celebrities. Here's the post if you are interested...

    Ryan Reynolds was on my list too.

    Oh, and my roommates and I always choose husbands when we are watching a movie or show. My mom and I will do that too. So, we have short husbands, tall husbands, old husbands, young husbands, period piece husbands. It goes on and on so we can have as many as we like!!!

    P.S. I too love Mr. Darcy!!! In the movie and the book!

    AubrieAnne @

  4. haha this is awesome! I loveeee Ryan Reynolds and am sad and happy that he is getting a divorce from Scarlett, but oh well its a Hollywood marriage, they never last!

  5. I want to die right now. Gerard Butler, Ryan Reynolds, and Mr. Darcy? Srsly. These are all WIN.

  6. Well Ryan is recently single...go get 'em girl!

  7. Oh, and my husband, Zachary Levi.
    Chuck, from Chuck.

  8. Oooh, I love Gerard, as well as Ryan Reynolds!

    Lovely blog!


  9. celebrity crush = Bradley Cooper [The Hangover]
    HOT HOT HOTT!!! :)

  10. I tagged you in my last post! (Which ironically also includes Ryan Reynolds!!!)