Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lovin' Wednesdays

It's Wednesday and this is what I'm loving today! 


Now that the semester is over I'll have some time to read. Yes!

Christmas - I can't believe it's next week already!

 Dear iPod, What would I do without you at work?

Scenic Glory.
My new favorite blog and a MUST daily read. 
It's my daily dose of inspiration and happiness.
If you haven't gotten to know lindsay yet, you need to, 
because you're missin' out on some good stuff.

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  1. I love ALL of these things too! I couldn't go a day without my iPod, friendship, or reading. And I absolutely can't wait for Christmas!! Happy Wednesday :)

  2. These are such fun pictures!! isn't it so nice to have the semester over!

  3. Haha! I was just thinking that Wednesday is my favorite day of the week! And, I am really enjoying Scenic Glory as well. I found the blog two days ago and it has some great reads.

  4. oh so true!!! i love christmas and the whole hoiday spirit! i also love my music! i would die without it. and uh reading rules im a total book nerd!!! and recently i have been struggling with the whole "friends" thing but... last night i think was the start of something totally good and totally new!! im loving finals being over.. .and GLEE

  5. i love everything on this list :) except i dont own an ipod but eeee christmas in like 1 week! so exciting!x

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, love this, everything is so cute and I adore the photos! And yes, Lindsay is a sweetheart, I do heart her!