Wednesday, December 29, 2010

that time.

it's that time of the month and i HATE it.....
but what's worst are the cramps. they really really hurt.
so now i'm going to be laying in bed
with a cup of hot chamomile herbal tea
hugging my teddy bear
and hoping these go away SOON.

Do you guys have any suggestions on how to get rid of these suckahs fast?


  1. Ugh me too! :( long HOT shower, and take ibuprofen right before, when you get out just go to bed. thats what i do every time, works like a charm.

  2. ugh, hate it.
    PMS = Pass My Shotgun.

    i heard that chocolate makes cramps worse because of the caffine in it.. but i should probably go research that. because chocolate is all i want to eat during "that time."

  3. girl, i feel you!

    do you have a heating pad? or know where to get them? you can find them at wal-mart, target, etc.

    my advice is to get one ASAP, then lay on it. on the highest setting you can muster. they also make those little slap-on patches that act like heating pads, but nothing beats the real thing:) i've got my grandma's and i've worn out the highest setting, so now i can only get it up to medium heat, which is still plenty hot!

    just rest, dear, and you'll feel better ASAP:)

  4. I take long baths and just feel sorry for myself, for some reason that makes it a little easier, I also take tylenol and that helps them a lot! Im sorry!

  5. Grrr! i know how you feel right now and I am hating it tooo!

    Perhaps this will brighten your day a bit though. I don't know if you accept awards, but I have awarded you with the Stylish Blog Award!!! because I have really enjoyed your blog in the little time i have known you.

    Just follow this link to find out how to accept it...

  6. thanks for visiting my blog! I like yours too!

    So anyways- with the cramps, I have really really bad ones (endometriosis) and not a whole lot helps, other then using hot pads, and sleeping! and a bath always helps too!

  7. I am a big believer in Chamomile Tea!!

    I am also your new follower.