Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meatyloaf Timmy

Sometimes when I get bored at work I IM my friend, and we have funny, random conversations. Like take this one for example - where we start chatting about Tim McGraw and end up with Beefcake...

(4:38 PM) Grecia: hey is tim mcgraw an actor as well?
(4:38 PM) Aubrey: yea but only recently
(4:39 PM) Grecia: REALLY!
(4:40 PM) Grecia: holy macaroni. he looks better with the cowboy hat on.
(4:41 PM) Aubrey: i don't like him without his hat!
(4:42 PM) Grecia: yeah he's got weird hair and he just doesn't look as melting without it. oh. in case you didn't know he's my husband too. but only when he wears his hat.
(4:43 PM) Aubrey: hahaha well fine, you have him and i get RYAN REYNOLDS!
(4:43 PM) Grecia: oh no i call dibs on him too!
(4:44 PM) Aubrey: nope i called first dibs
(4:44 PM) Aubrey: and you're getting 2 (well, 1 1/2) hot guys
(4:44 PM) Aubrey: gerard and timmy
(4:45 PM) Grecia: timmy? aubrey really... timmy?
(4:45 PM) Aubrey: oh yes, timmy.
(4:45 PM) Aubrey: it's what i call him when i make him dinner.
(4:45 PM) Aubrey: i'm sure Faith calls him Timmy
(4:46 PM) Grecia: oh boy.
(4:46 PM) Grecia: timmy doesn't go well with that hunk of a man.
(4:46 PM) Aubrey: hunk!? hahahah
(4:46 PM) Aubrey: that's a funny word
(4:46 PM) Grecia: stop making me laugh out loud!
(4:47 PM) Grecia: Yes. he's a HUNK.
(4:48 PM) Grecia: from wikipedia: Hunk- A slang term for a sexually appealing man, a person who is sexually attractive or a well-muscled, sexualized man, as in beefcake.
(4:50 PM) Grecia: BEEFCAKE. hehehehe.
(4:52 PM) Aubrey: BEEFCAKE!?
(4:52 PM) Aubrey: Beefcake.
(4:52 PM) Aubrey: For real.
(4:52 PM) Aubrey: that sounds like a bad cake.
(4:52 PM) Aubrey: like, a meatloaf.
(4:52 PM) Grecia: that's what it says....
(4:52 PM) Grecia: Oh this is just too funny!
(4:53 PM) Grecia: um... can i post this conversation in my blog under funny things? hahahaha
(4:54 PM) Aubrey: Oh go for it, I want to remember this day for all time and eternity.
(4:54 PM) Aubrey: Mrs. Beefcake

So if you have a recipe or have made beefcake before, please do tell me so. I'm interested. 


  1. Ha ha! I love it when conversations start out as one thing and end up as something completely random and different. This was hilarious.

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  2. Haha that is too funny! I saw a preview for one of his new movies, I forget which one. He does not look as attractive without with cowboy hat, haha. But he is still a hunk ;)

  3. haha this is funny! Love random conversations!

  4. I so enjoyed browsing through your blog this morning!! you share such lovely pictures ♥

  5. haha We had a blast reading this one! you should post more of them :p lol