Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Semester is OVER

Whoohooo! I'm super excited and just wanted to share how happy I am that the semester is over!! :)  I was really freaking out about my finals but they weren't that bad.  I won't know what I got on my Chemistry final until they post grades.  But guess what??? I got a 95% on my math final! So I finished off math 1050 with an A-, which I thought was pretty dang awesome! And for Ethics and Values I probably got an A, that class was just too easy.  

So in celebration I went to do what i love most.  SHOPPING!

When good things happen, what do you do to celebrate?


  1. YEAH!! Awesome!:D That is great- so much relief, no?

    I love going out for ice cream. ♥

  2. Allison, I love going for Ice-cream too plus shopping. :D